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Jules Verne 2


From the earth to the moon, direct journey in 97 hours 20 minutes, by Jules Verne – Gravure

This large rocket pointing towards the moon is an engraved illustration from 1893. Taken from the work “Around the moon” by Jules Verne, it is faithfully reproduced on canvas ready to pose: revealing, while chiaroscuro, the shipment. of a large rocket to the moon.

Poetic and nostalgic, our canvas faithfully reproduces the period work of designers Emile Bayard and A. De Neuville, engraved by Hildibrand. The contrast of gray-blacks and the luminosity of the moon and stars will light up your walls or headboards. This format, always in art print, on ready-to-hang canvas, will give your interior an unparalleled personality and dress your spaces in a single gesture.

De la terre à la lune, trajet direct en 97 heures 20 minutes, par Jules Verne.
Dessin par de Montaut, gravure par Pannemaker. 1868.
Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Réserve des livres rares.  

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