Photo: Studio Madam

A meeting, a unique partnership and how remarkable heritage came to be passed on to new generations

One meeting was enough to convince Isabelle to reinterpret treasures from France’s National Library to give them a second lease of life. The result was a unique partnership perfectly combining heritage, tradition and modernity.

This remarkable heritage, patiently chosen by Isabelle from within France’s National Library, is now revealed on canvases aiming to form part of the interior decoration of the homes of today’s families.

With this prestigious collection our young company is moving into a more art and interior design-oriented sector, while still retaining the idea of sharing knowledge which has motivated us since this adventure began.

Those who love beauty and knowledge to be shared will discover rare illustrations, veritable treasures from France’s National Library, revisited by Les Jolies Planches. In the spirit of traditional canvas prints, we reinterpret the original illustrations which, movingly, were discovered in the archives of one of the world’s greatest libraries, giving them a modern and aesthetic twist.

This historic institution chose to open up its collections to our young company, trusting us to choose and reinterpret original illustrations from its collection of documents. Our founder, Isabelle Diacono, was particularly moved by this unusual journey. She launched a new permanent collection, “Treasures from France’s National Library revisited by Les Jolies Planches”, publishing five new canvas prints, using fine art printing on canvas, only two months after that initial meeting.

A passionate and committed designer keen to retain the skills of France’s domestic artisans, Isabelle discovered a captivating historic heritage, a boundless source of inspiration where beauty and knowledge are inseparable.

Her imagination led to the creation of five canvas prints which retain the nobility of the original drawings while giving “old-fashioned” prints a breath of fresh air: Butterflies, Flowers, Trees, Celestial Planisphere and Paris 1922.

This unexpected meeting was very meaningful: Les Jolies Planches and France’s National Library share the same philosophy and the same desire to pass on knowledge to new generations. This search for wonder, beauty and its preservation plays out in their work.

Their production partnership was born from this desire to pass on something of the world to new generations by inciting curiosity, wonder and sharing before beautiful creations.

Two eras, two areas of expertise and two styles go together perfectly to give the rare and the sublime a new lease of life and turn these canvas prints into veritable works of art.

And just like that our young Start-Up is becoming the benchmark for intellectual and decorative canvas prints.